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  • xXRisingSunXx

    Peter Lynn Hornet

    I ve only just got this kite its a couple of weeks old so ive only had a few flying experinces with it but ill be a fair as i can be.

    The kite comes in a very nice bag very wide and over all very comfotable its got a smaller front pocket for the kite killers and stake i the main bag has enough room for cans of coke and enough room left over for a stacker

    Anyway enough about the bag the kite its very stronge and the instuctions could nt be any easyier to understand even i could set it up you just connect 4 to 4 red to red ect.

    The handles are very soft but to be honest they will not break so thats all good, once again the handles very easy to connect to the lines just connect 1 to 1 red to red.

    the kite killers have been my best friend when you think this is out of control the kites heading for the tree's just let go and watch the bungy cord do all the work ( just make sure you've larks head knoted to the break lines other wise you may find yourself in a spot of bother.

    The stake well i think mine is for sand cos it will never stay in the ground and you can t push any further down ( if you are gonna buy something i recomend a new one)

    The flying the first time i took my hornet out its was incredibly windy and the kite was mocking the wind it never lost stablity it never did anything i did'nt want it to do it never missed a beat. The kite is still truely outstanding it really is its everything i wanted its easy to control its nice and easy to pack up and it really good for jumping , it very powerful and its great value for money ( if you have a look around)

    over all i think that the kite is excellent and if you thinking about buying one dont think just do it you will never look back and wish you never got one.

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