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  1. Again Joel, thanks for all you’ve done. I have now spent a few hours reading through and it really brings the memories back. what amazes me though is how extremely the popularity dropped off. It went from most users implying they spent most of their disposable income on kiting and all their spare time thinking about flying or flying, to most accounts stopping just a couple of years later. I certainly saw a lot less people about flying over this time as well. How can so many people just stop after spending such large amounts of money. Any theories? Any first hand experience?
  2. Given that is already released is there any reviews or more information? I have no interest in buying but fondly remember reading all about the III and IV when they were released so a good chance for nostalgia. Saying that I did eventually buy a III albeit secondhand!
  3. Wow very impressed that you found that so quickly! I think I might give that a miss then.
  4. Does anyone know what this is: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airblaster-Stealth-Kite-Black-6-5-16-2ft/284024219704?hash=item422129a838:g:RPgAAOSwv9pfbkQ2 google doesn’t bring anything up but it seems cheap to me!
  5. Hi Joel, I’m really impressed and thankful for what you are doing. I flew power kites from 2003 to about 2012 but after breaking my leg (not kite related!), starting full time work and having kids I sort of forgot about it. However about 2 weeks ago I found my old blade 3 4.9 and took it for a fly and had an absolute blast! I then had I look online to see what has changed since I’ve been away and am very disappointed! What happened? Flexifoil more or less gone, the forums disappeared and barely any second kites available.
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