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  1. Skizzo

    Flexifoil Sting

    I purchased this kite as a potential gift idea for my mother who is into flying stunt kites but is having a rough time learning how to maneuver them, the short of it is she is not a natural, so I needed a kite that would not carry her away but would be fun and responsive as well as forgiving to fly. I feel I made the right choice in buying this kite and I stand by my decision on this one for sure. I wound up buying 2 of them one for her and one for myself, and while I enjoy a good pull on a larger kite this baby has made it to be one of my favorite kites I own, I say that based on a collection
  2. Skizzo

    HQ Crossfire 6.3M

    This is a much later update...Probably been about 8 months since I reviewed this kite. Found a problem with the bag. There is a thinner material in the top of the bag where the drawstring is pulled tight, I pulled on the drawsting and this material came off the bag so I now rely on the flap to seal the top of the bag shut. So watch the drawsting part of the bag! Kite is still doing wonderfully and I am still quite happy with it.
  3. Skizzo

    HQ NPW5

    I had flown OPKs (learned on a 2.3m foil and some larger) wanted an affordable larger kite to get into the sport with. I have never flown a 2m NPW, but I can say that this kite is pretty predictable, if you get a 2m you will probably be looking to replace it in the near future, they are not known for speed or preformance, so I reccomend getting a slightly bigger one and flying it in lighter air, then when you are ready for more pull take it out on higher wind days, I dare this is a good beginners kite, but will only leave you wanting for faster more powerful kites. Guess that's why I skipped t
  4. Skizzo

    HQ Crossfire 6.3M

    Then I guess going from what Jerry has said, I don't have any complaints, looks like they have thought out the details on them then. I have recently had a problem with the bag though, the material that is stitched to the top of the duffle opening came off last week when I was packing it. looks like a weak point as the stitching is really close to the edge of the material and it is not a real hefty material. So others be forewarned and be careful when packing your kite. The good news is that the seam is what tore, so I may be able to fix it.
  5. That was really fascinating, I am a do-it yourselfer, and I work with metals and wood, although I would love to try that out, I think I would be biting off more than I could chew. Hats off to you!!! It's a beautiful deck!!!
  6. Skizzo

    HQ Crossfire 6.3M

    I have recently recieved my long awaited Crossfire 6.3 after listening to the people with connections review them. My background is a that of moderate amount of flying traction kites in the 3-4m size for the past 4 years. I was immediately impressed with the backpack that the kite comes with, it has plenty of room and then some. in fact I am able to store a 1.2m, 3m, and 4m of other kites in the backpack with my crossfire, so it is an awesome setup and the material in the pack is of a heavier grade than just a basic rip stop nylon bag. I like the looks of the huge zipper, however I am som
  7. Skizzo

    Rhombus Firebee 3M

    I have always been on a budget with my kites, so have learned on single skin kites, however I had a friend that had a number of foils, So I had also sort of been through the learning experience behind the first model blade 3.2 and something called an Impact 2.2. Anyways, having been wanten for a foil kite, I bought the firebee at a kiteshop, partially as an impulse buy, but also because it was such an excetional value. I paid $175.00 us for the kite. (dirt Cheap) The only thing that was kind of a bummer was it had no handles or lines with it, so i had to steal my C-quad handles and lines
  8. Skizzo

    HQ CrossFire

    Friend of mine just got a 7m Samurai, I am planning on getting the 7.7 crossfire, this review helped me decide on it, I am already looking forward to it, will order it this coming weekend.
  9. Skizzo

    HQ NPW5

    This was my first traction kite. It is a nicely priced kite. It is one of the most simple designs that I have seen, the bridle appears to be the most complex part of the kite. The kite sorty of resembles a basic parachute. It is ripstop nylon with a heavy bridle. It does not have a rucksack like some of the more expensive kites, but it does include a drawstring bag, it folds down nicely so it is easy to store and pack. This kite is nice because it will lift off the ground in like 2mph of wind, however it will not be too exciting to fly, but atleast you can get in in the sky. I f
  10. Skizzo

    Peter Lynn C Quad

    I have never had a large budget to spend on a kite, so I have always had to buy them whenever possible, due to this, One of the Kites that I was able to afford was the C Quad. This is an interesting Kite to say the least. It has its definite pros and cons. The immediate pros are that it is very reasonably priced, of course why shouldn't it be, it's only a single skin kite. It is also a fairly ingenious design using minimal material. It has a lot of pull for the buck. The cons on it are that it is very quirky to fly. it can tip forward in the wind and will take a suicide dive staight
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