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  1. http://h3in.vliegert.nl is het website i forgot the T
  2. I've forgot to mention I don't want a blade at all anymore
  3. You can find some pcis of me and my nephew with the kite on http://h3in.vliegert.nl (but i am a belgain so do not stare at the .nl please) I've flown 2-liners for almost 5 or 6 years. I've dreamed for 3 years of a powerkite. I've dreamed that i could buy a flexifoil blade. When i finally was able to by my dream i've bought a Gin Yoz II 4.8 with the nice backpack, libre handles, 4X25mtr C-lines, Flexifoil Kite killers. The reasons why i didn't buy a blade are: still the cost is 100€ extra(paid 490 for the entire pack and a bl
  4. h3in1600949550

    Gin Gin Yoz

    It is a great beginner kite because it is stable as hell In beachshop it is advised as the best beginner kite
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