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  1. What happened to flexifoil forum ? Only just re found my login for this place.
  2. Noodle


    Wow thanks for the head's up on this! It's great, fantastic interface.
  3. Noodle

    PC help

    You should also try and find out what cooked it, just faulty hardware or fan causing overheat or something more serious. You don't want to go and frazzle a new shiny card if it's motherboard related.
  4. I doubt it, and yes you should have insurance. Good thing is the British buggy club do it for £15 snap a year. Dirt cheap and keeps you out of trouble. EDIT: BBC is now is now the BPKA who da thunk it! http://www.bpka.co.uk/memship.php
  5. You know... I think morb is right!
  6. Wait im confused why is Atavar drinking his piss? was that part of the show... :S
  7. Im bristol! Where is this holy grail exactly? I have stumbled apon many a van! I love it when they do the donner in a wrap!
  8. These guys look pretty hot! http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/7148/1205410572124.th.jpg
  9. Has to be nice after getting a freebie of the RTM. but its not stable for me yet, 3rd party fault not microsoft. I like it compared with vista, the taskbar takes some getting used too, but its definatly better at using less resources than vista.
  10. Noodle


    Ah yes! the custard days. None of this microwave stuff.
  11. Some say that he produces his own magnetic field, and compasses are useless near him.
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