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  1. Allison? If she used to service photocopiers back in the dim-and-dark, say "Hi" to her from me! Skatetacular has been and gone, and so have I - if I make it back there next year I'll start the tracking-down a bit earlier!
  2. And I do mean ancient! I haven't done much kiting since the World Cup back in 1995, you could call me one of the victims of what happened around it (although I thought I did a pretty good job as Field Director), but I'm heading over to Adelaide next weekend for Skatetacular, and I thought I'd try and track down some of the old mob. Of course, once I start looking, I can't find any one! I found out that the AKFA fly day is today, so I've missed that! Anne-Marie's sold the shop, Arista has done a(nother) disappearing act, and the rest are just first names, or nick names - Woody, Grant, and so on. On the off-chance that there might be some hanging around who recall the old days, I thought I'd bung a message up here. Oh, I'm Gary Schmidt, if that rings any bells, I used to fly various kites made by Highly Strung (what used to be here in Melbourne) (and if that doesn't age me, what will?!?!?), and a few other bits and pieces. So, are there any left? Cheers, Gary B-)
  3. World Sport Kite Cup, Lakes Entrance, 1995, your truly is Field Director... French team is out on the sand, doing their Precision routine, and one of the fliers says something to the team leader (in Algerian, I think, it wasn't French or English to my ears), then Ollie runs on from the sidelines, shouting, "Get those kites down, there's a thunderstorm coming in from the east." If you think for a second, of course no one was looking to the east, that's where the wind was coming from!!! Overheard from another team member, to their leader, "Auh, that's why my fingers were tingling!" (I can't remember exactly what she said, but it was close enough.)
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