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Extreme Clouds....




So John @jhn.holgate promoted me to write a comment on the cloud formations I've seen whilst in Australia. 

I am an avid weather watcher, once writing the reports for the Facebook group "Victorian Storm Chaser", however at the time, it was taking up all my evenings to submit daily reports for the week ahead.

The most freakish formation of clouds I have seen to date is the Undulatus Asperatus. They are like "bubbles" in the clouds and are angry and dark, but rarely produce any storms.


This one formed over Doncaster East, Victoria one morning back in January 2013. I remember it created such a inflow of wind (sucking up into the clouds). It was like War of the Worlds and the kids with me at the time, were freaked out, as were the adults. Alas no storm was formed.



The next time I saw one form, wasn't as angry as the Doncaster East formation, but again I remember the wind whipping through the base of Mt Dandenong, Victoria 



There are so many different types of clouds, these are my favourite, followed by Cumulonimbus Clouds - the good storm anvil clouds which produce thunder storms. Australian weather is so different to the weather back home, yet even back home, they get cloud formations which you wouldn't see often here, like the early morning "mackerel skies" and even the weather phenomenon "Thunder Snow" which just makes you think "how" Seen this twice in my life and its is pretty amazing.

Anyway I just thought I'd share with you this, whilst we wait to get out and fly some kites, and race some karts. 


Mez x




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Great pics, Mezz.  I love the big lenticular clouds that move in with the storm cells....um, supercells I think they're referred to.  I really like the winning photo of the Nat Geo comp too (taken by an Aussie chasing storms in the US)


It must be going through a ploughed up paddock to be picking up that dust....

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The best tornado there is John, paddock, away from populated places. I watched the Boxing Day storms going through live via the TVN Weather website. 

We went storm chasing the end of last summer just around here. The storms all disappated before we reached them, but left quite a few great clouds. 

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