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    Loko Insane ADV Landboard

    when i first got this out of the box my reaction was ",,,?," it is a very odd looking board . its very shiney and almost looks like a toy. this is due to the two wheel approach that loko have taken with the design. i almost dissmissed the board the first time i stood on it, as it rocks when it is going slowly. its like the antithesis of speed wobble, at slow speeds it rocks, but at high speeds it is very stable!

    This is an advanced board, its certainly not a good choice for a beginner to kiteboarding. before i got this board i had learned on a mongoose pro cam, I can board pretty well, (i can slide, land some jumps and im currently trying to get the hang of riding blind) but the first time i took the board out with my kites i had to learn again.

    it is a completely different style of riding, you need to keep your weight 40/60 on your back foot otherwise the board will simply not roll. in this way it may be more suited to kitesurfers. also you cannot lean as far back when you powerslide or you will end up on your arse.

    After trying it with the kites in moderate winds it was time to test it at downhilling. It is meant to have greater cornering characteristics at higher speeds. I tested this theory by throwing myself down a near verticle ledge into a 90' turn within 10 meters of the initial drop. on my first 4 attempts i hit a tree but on run 5 i glid round the turn at around 20-25mph. no wobbles and i was still confident for more speed. myself and a friend went to a park to test the no-wobble theory further by letting him tow me down hills and hard packed paths using a bike. we hit speeds of around 30mph and yet there was still no speed wobble.

    its time to talk about size...im only 5 7" and i find it is almost too narrow in stance for me. infact i wish i ahd bought the 115 option. if you are at all bigger than me do not get this size! The only difference between the sizes is the weight, the largest board (120) is lighter than most intermediate channel truck mountain boards so dont forsake the extra stance width for a weight difference of about about 100g.

    my only grope about the board (now im used to it) is that it doesnt come with footstraps and they need to be bought seperately. loko however have released a new binding which is the dogs bollox. Sadly i have no photos of it but it is very simlar to the ones on the new mbs boards and it attatches easilly to the 4hole drilling that comes on either foot pad on the board.

    if this review does get anyone to buy a loko board over a regular mountain board here is my last pearl of wisdom...


    By : alsdair mcdonald

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