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    Ozone Yakuza 5M

    Bit of background on me first, I alway find that I can relate to a review better if I know a bit about who's writing it.

    I've been flying foil kites for four or five years, starting with a super 10, then two super 10's stacked etc. It was only last summer that I started flying four line kites when a friend of mine bought a Rage 2.5 and a buggy. Suffice to say that a few spins round a local beach and I was hooked!

    Since then I've been buggying about as much as I can! I'm still by no means an expert but I can pull a mean power-slide and tend to laugh rather than panic when I do end up getting dragged down the beach on my face!

    I've spent HOURS trawling the internet looking at reviews, then HOURS trawling ebay looking for kites and buggies. I ended up with the following quiver (chosen by low price, ease of use, and other reviews):

    Rage 2.5
    Bullet 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5
    Wide Axle Flexi buggy

    These are all great kites which I'd highly recommend to anyone starting out like I've been, you just can't go wrong with a Bullet and the Rage 2.5 is awesome on high wind days (25-30mph).

    I'm not here to talk about them though...

    On my ebay quest I came across a second hand 5m Yakuza . I'd read a lot about Ozone kites, and Yaks in particular, but I didn't know anyone who owned anything other than Flexis. I couldn't resist.

    When it arrived in the post the £140 I won it for looked like a bargain. The build quality is excellent, very neatly stitched and the minimalist white bridle makes it feel more like an instrument than a tool when compared to the bullets. Think scalpel... not steak knife.

    The first time I flew it was in a nearby field in almost no wind (3-5mphish) . As soon as it got some speed behind it I was wrenched off my feet and landed about 5yds away while the kite lost power and dropped like a feather to the ground.


    Take 2 was a lot more successful. I started steering it on the breaks rather than the mainlines (years of two line kiting teaches bad habits), and the kite responded beautifully with bags of power all over the sky, but as soon as I flew it out of the window it collapsed and fell to the ground. I couldn't wait to get it to the beach.

    This weekend was perfect. I spent most of Saturday rocketing around on Rhosneigr beach with the 2.5. A few OBEs but nothing painful (I'm a great believer that if you don't get O of your B at some point then you're not trying hard enough!).

    Sunday was going to be more of a chillout day as the wind was a lot lower, so off we went to our favourite beach with a few other non kiting friends, not really thinking about the wind too much. When we got there it was about 10 mph and coming in at 45 degrees to the beach. After an hour or so of messing around with the 4.5 bullet and my mate's Rage 4.7 (both of which were well underpowered) I reckoned it was time to give the yak a try. I don't mind telling you I was a bit nervous as it was a lot windier than last time I'd flown it. There was no need to be.

    In the buggy it was a lot easier to fly! Your relative wind stops the kite flying out of the window and collapsing all the time, it just means it has a much bigger wind window than other kites I've flown. With the Flexis we'd been struggling to go along the beach because of the angle the wind was coming in at, with the yak it was no problem. I shot off past my mate at what felt like straight into the wind, just tweaking the breaks a bit for a little extra power.

    Before I knew it I was right down the far end of the beach (about 1 3/4 miles away), I did a big sweeping down-turn to head back the other way (feeling pretty confident by now see 😉 The kite pulled hard in the turn and I shot round in a huge power slide...


    Big mistake.

    The wind was lighter at that end of the beach and with no relative wind through the turn my lack of experience showed me up in a big way. the kite shot straight out of the window and collapsed... straight in to a big pool of water. None of my bullets ever does that!

    A mile and three quarters is a long way to walk carrying your buggy and wearing full waterproof gear, trust me.

    In summary: Great kite, very nicely made, pulls really hard in the lightest of winds and actually gets easier to fly the faster you go! If there's a better choice for a first race kite then I'd like to know what it is (please!)


    Not for beginners, and even competent fliers will need to concentrate at all times, the reward however, is high.


    By : johnk

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    Could'nt have said it better myself... First flight in sub 10mph was amazing... The torque of this kite is unbelievable. First flight on the beach was "FAST" in 15mph! Even pendulum jumping is easy. Amazing kite full stop!

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    i agree, they are harder to fly well, but you just need some seat time to get more familiar. unfortunatly you will probably not be able to go back to the bullets now, as you say they point much lower and dont allow those 45 degree days to work so well. I had a crack on a 7.3m in 5-10 mph and got 53kmph top speed, 51kmph with my own 6m yak. If you dont end up liking the bad behaviour of the 5m an upgrade to blade 4's is your only hope now :)

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