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  1. For sale is my Ozone Frenzy 11m 2013 version. In perfect basically unused, as new condition. Bought this in 2015 on a whim from a kiteshop that was closing down. This kite was intended to be used as a demo kite by the shop but I was told it was only ever flown once before I bought it. Has never been flown by me, as I found it too intimidating stepping up from fixed bridle kites and think the 11m is a bit too big for me in reality. I've only ever taken the kite out of the bag to check it over and take some photos! The kite fabric is still 100% fresh, new and crisp and I don't believe there is even any marks on it. Bar, lines,chicken loop and safety release again are in pristine condition. This is basically a shop fresh kite. Complete with bag, instruction manual, ozone stickers and spare safety release. Would be nice to see it go to somene who will do it justice and have fun with it. £375 ono I'm based in Hampshire in the UK. Would be willing to post/courier, but only at the buyers expense.
  2. Hi Nick, Yeah, there aren't a great deal of places nearby it's true. Lords hill and port solent used to my main spots, but neither was amazing. I always heard good things about west wittering but somehow never made it over there. I've not heard anything about weston shore but have seen a possible spot down at calshot which I am yet to check it out. Seems like I'll probably have most spots to myself this time round though! Let me know if you feel like tackling the green stuff for a change and we can try arrange a meet up. Mike
  3. Hello, Seems like things are pretty dead on here now! Does anybody still fly on land in the southampton area these days? I have recently bought a couple of kites and a board to try and get back into it after several years of absence. I've noticed though there's hardly any buzz about it now and these forums are all but dead! What happened!? Hoping there might still be a few people interested locally who I can meet up with occasionally to fly. Mike
  4. Hi Steve, I'm interested in your Blade 4.9m and possibly the the 3.3m too. What condition are they in? Kite only or complete? What sort of price would you be looking at including postage? I've sent you a text as well in case you don't have the opportunity to check on here very often. Thanks, Mike
  5. Yes, the board is still for sale and so is the harness!
  6. I agree, they are definitely great kites! I have got rid as I have moved on to other sports now and this stuff just wasn't being used. No point in having it all sat there gathering dust! I still can't believe there is no interest in the board!? Come on people!!!
  7. Back to the top! Someone must be interested in the board surely!?
  8. Thanks for the bump crabman! Hope you enjoy it! 12m now sold pending payment. Board and Harness still available!
  9. 15m now gone. All the rest still up for grabs!
  10. Just to clarify, both kites are for sale kite only!!
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