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  1. OK, the last of the clutter has FINALLY been uploaded (feels like I've been eBaying forever!)... including my Comp 6 deck and MBS board bag in time for Crimbo gifts for kiting buddies, or yourself! Happy bidding everyone! Natz x
  2. Hey Badger & Skye!! Yeah, all good thanks Buying a house (or at least trying to) so thought we'd have a clear-out... not getting rid of the essential stuff though (water kites, my manta, my board, and all the stuff I one day hope to dust off and use again) but just the things I can't bear to move house with! Living in Cambridgeshire's about as far from the coast as we've ever been... it's been a while... put a little kite up at work the other day, just for old time's sake - turns out I'd forgotten how fun it is to just fly! Must get out again soon! Perhaps I'll keep some eBay pro
  3. Check again PurpleMonkey - listed this evening especially for you
  4. Including a Flexifoil Jacket, a Flexifoil Flag, an 03-Frenzy 7.3 bridle, a kitesurf board, some bling MBS wheels, an MBS board bag and whatever else I manage to load up there over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy! Watch this space... natreeve items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods, Clothes, Shoes Accessories items on eBay UK!
  5. They're totally different kites, that's why they don't act the same - the S1 is faster through the air with good lift if you work it up to it, but doesn't have the float of the S2 which is tonnes gruntier but not half so responsive. What are the problems you're seeing with the S1? What do you want to tweak it to do more/less of? Don't bother upgrading from the S1 to the S2, unless you're struggling to find spares for it. If I were you I'd wait and see if there's something better out there. Natz x
  6. Mine's already there - It's not reached huge profit yet, but there are plenty of people watching it - I'm expecting a last minute boost. I'm not sure how much it'll go for... keep an eye on it, and perhaps use it as a price indication marker point for yours? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230233721377 Natz x
  7. There was an 8.5m BladeIII in the opening sequence, then we had to watch it all the way to the end for the Midnight Sabre... being flown on handles (??!!) right at the end... Forced to watch Ewan McGregor... albeit playing a gay guy... So, who were the pilots?? Step forward, and make your claim to fame! Luv Natz (finally going to bed cos that's the end of kites on telly) xxx
  8. Natz

    Summer Clearout

    I've un-sticky'd this thread. I've also emptied my inbox. I'm really sorry I've not got back to anyone - I've been offline for a while. I've had some great offers from some very worthy causes, so thanks everyone who made the effort to write stuff down; I will get back to you soon! Cheers, Natz
  9. Natz

    Summer Clearout

    Sorry dude, thanks for the offer but I'd get a 3.5m Rage in Punk if I wanted something on handles. And the reason this thread is sticky... I've already given away over £500 of kites to good causes (clubs & schools promoting the sport). And yeah, privelage of a TFR - read it and weep. Cheers, Natz xxx
  10. Natz

    Summer Clearout

    Initial post updated with sold/donated items. Keep the blagging going it's entertaining me! Natz x
  11. I'm sure it was on the tip of their tongue... they would have spouted if they'd been given 4 minutes
  12. You get what you pay for... The Sting is an awesome little kite; I've got a 1.7m for those totally crazy days - I've been happily (whilst squeeling!!) buggying in over 30mph winds with a 2.4m before now. The Sting is just a really good fun kite, totally safe, with no lift so there's no chance of any loftings, but plenty of pull (I was scudding on my 1.7m a few weeks ago... when there was wind!) Happy flyin, Natz xxx Check out more details here: https://www.flexifoil.com/products/kites_range.php?rid=141
  13. Natz

    Summer Clearout

    Get Winky to make me an offer...?
  14. Natz

    Summer Clearout

    Just a quick note: If you're about to pm me and ask me "how much do I want for..." then just stop a second. Do a bit of research on what these things go for as new, and then figure out what you would pay for the item - then email me an offer (or a good reason why you should get them for free - no mickey-taking though). The Sabre1's are pretty well described. The Sabre2's were bought last October, and were quite soon put out of action with my one-off (at that time) set of Punk Sabre2's in November. They've been flown a few times since, but are still pretty crispy (if not a bit sandy!). Th
  15. OK, the cupboard under the stairs is overflowing and I need to get rid of some of the kit that I was saving "just in case" as it's just getting crazy now... so, her we go! As it sells I'll mark it as sold, and the list is: 9.5m Sabre1 - Red - complete, ready to fly, with wrist leash in bag pocket, recently new depower pulley lines and centre line. 11.5m Sabre1 - Red - complete, ready to fly, with wrist leash and spare centre line in bag pocket and recently new depower pulley lines. Some ice damage to gauze, but still flies great - my ultimate low-wind engine. 5m Sabre2 (prototype) -
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