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  1. I plan to use Chikara 075oz ripstop nylon . I got a bunch of splotches from Flymarket Kite supply. Out of all of them, I liked Chikara the best.
  2. O.K.then. Let the sewing begin. Stay tune..........
  3. Im hearin that. Hey. How exactly did YOU seem the kite panels together? Did you overlap the hem spaces or what? Just exploring a little.
  4. Awesome. I will try this. Thanx again.
  5. Right on. Thats great info. I just printed out the patterns today so let the building begin. Thank you, all of you. I will keep in touch.
  6. What did you change exactly in the new design?
  7. This is great info Randy. Thank you. I plan to start a "gkite" as well. I was wondering what you did to sew the panels and the rib pieces together. What did that look like? I loved your picture video of your other kites as well. Wich one did you like the best? thanx
  8. Our new X-mas present. 6.2 m2. Cant wait to build.
  9. Hey! That's great! Thanx for your help. I would love to talk more with both of you about this. I was -30 windchill yesterday but my son and I were out in the field testing out hi new x-mas present so....we have the fever. Can't wait. Thanx again
  10. Thank you people so much. This helps alot. I will keep in touch
  11. I am trying to find some help with plans to build a single skin power kite. I was talking to a forum that was titles "A new year...A new build" from a person called Big E. It was about a wonderful experience building single skin power kites of various sizes. I haven't been able to get in contact with this person. They haven't replied and it has been a while since they had visited. I am really just looking for info on single skin kite building and thought I would start here. If I could get a hold of this person that would be great, but any info on this subject would be great, but I also don't mean to bother this person. He used a program called Single Skin 0.3. Any body use this before? Any info out there? Thanx for any offered and happy holidays.
  12. Powermad 26

    A New Year .... a New Build

    Hey ! I just signed up and my buddy and I are looking to build a larger single skinn. We would love to talk to you about your 10 m2! Also, I can get foils maker to run on my wife's new computer. Would love to talk about your plans if thats ok? Can't wait to hear from you. Thanx
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