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  1. So, it may be a longer axel than I thought. The real challenge, as you initially suggested, may very well be the shipping cost. The estimate from Pack & Send, based on the size/weight guess above, is $562 AUD which is about $470 CAD. I'll keep saving up my pennies...
  2. Interesting that my address was deleted as spam... So, out of curiosity I've sent a request to Pack & Send for an idea of cost using 1150 x 50 x 30 cm and 45 kg as an estimate. Will let you know what they think.
  3. Hmmm... Couldn't meet halfway, but if you haven't sold her yet are you willing to ship? How wide are the rails? I'm 77kg (without too much of a paunch) and 173cm. Feel free to e-mail me at *SPAM*
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