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  1. Hello, I'm sorry for late reply. Are you still interested?
  2. Hello, Is there any interest in my Peter Lynn Phantom2 15m? It is great kite but it is laying here unused and I would like to sell it. I can send to EU and UK. It has not been on water, only land and snow looking for $400 Eur
  3. on eBay now: Peter Lynn Phantom II 15m | eBay
  4. Hi is there any interest in buying PL Phantom2 15m in complete set-up? I'm sure we will sort out the prices. I bought the kite in here and it is just sitting in my storage. If you are interested just drop me a message and I will send you photos and the description
  5. nothing? nobody wants this great kite?
  6. Hi My PL Phantom is not getting any use. i do nto have much time/chance for ktiing anymore (injury recovery, second child on the way, house building). In case you are interested please drom me a note and we can sort something out. i can send pictures on request
  7. I'm open to reasonable offers
  8. I'm thinking of selling my Phantom2 15. I bought it second-hand and I used it couple of times on land and once on snow. Kite is in excellent condition. Only one unnoticeable repair done by previous owner. Otherwise, rips or tears. All zips works as new. Spars have no damage. Lines will need to be replaced soon, but there is still much life in them. Kite was always dried after each used and properly stored Kite comes as complete: PL Phantom2 15m (black and green color scheme) PL Twinskin control bar Sand and snow bag Bag Manual for kite and twinskin bar line extension I'm looking for 700 Eur + postage to Europe I'M OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS In case of any questions please ask me
  9. Hi I have unused North Solid '07 9m that I might be willing to sell. The kite is in great condition. No tears, no repairs. The only item that was replaced is chicken loop as original one broke. I replaced it with Ozone megatrone. I also have Peter Lynn Zero 07 Depower Loop and Line that I can include in case you are not OK with megatron. It comes complete with lines, bar and bag. It is a nice kite that brought me into kiting. Easy to handle, predictable. I will post some pictures after weekend. (pictures added) I'm thinking about 220 Eur posted to UK. (sure I will post to other countries, we can discuss price). Price is negotiable
  10. Hi carl Why are you selling your chargers? what are you going to fly?
  11. Do you have bar for this kite? I would like to buy complete
  12. I would love to have that. can afford only 500 eur (limited budget :-))
  13. I'm still interested in synergy 15m. empty your inbox dude
  14. why are you selling them together? what would be price of phantom rtf alone?
  15. HI Do you require UK residence or if I provide you UK address for shipping will be enough? If yes I will have one ticket
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