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  1. Cheers guys He did try a few board to buggy transitions but end of the day everyone was getting tired and there's a lot of metal on the buggy to get in the way. Cheers, I think that's the answer, and I'm sure it would give better sound quality too, but we do get pretty wet this time of year, I don't fly in the winter here without a drysuit. Yeah for handheld shots like that you are right I should've done that.
  2. Short clip of Peter32 at one of my local spots in the UK jumping my Trikbitz T3 holding on with nothing but his clenched butt cheeks (ok so it was his thighs really), no lap belt, no foot straps!!! Seen the Ozone guys' pics and very cool too but Pete was boosting right off a flat beach. Sorry about the misted up lens... no antifog inserts
  3. Exactly… although we don’t have a lot of salt lakes in the UK, I’d love to go to NABX next year but I don’t think it will happen. Good news, looks pretty serious, I will keep an eye on it and see how things develop. I dropped out of flower arranging so I’m available to test and comment if the guy from Griffin fancies sending a few sizes to the UK Kawasaki AR50 motorcycle front wheels, relics now, not sure what name they were under in Oz. Cambered at about 7 deg and exactly the same bearing as for CadKats. I don’t think the wheel buckled quite as much as it looks in the still frame, maybe to do with the camera shock or something, I don’t know If I remember I only had the 13 and 16m then, and it was gusting to around 50kph. The beach at Les Hemmes is huge, even on a neap tide it can be over a mile deep for 3-4 days. It can be flown in any wind direction but it gets a bit lumpy near the dunes in an offshore. The yak’s a quick kite but really needs a clean wind, I was dicing with death every time I went back to where we were set up with the kite dropping out of the sky and powering up again. The Germans had the same problem and they love their Yaks. I don’t have to worry about that with inflatables, the conditions in the last vid were about the same and the worst I get from the Bandit is that it might drop back or surge forward a little. Cheers Jimmy...I never noticed that until now… hopefully just to do with the camera again, just about everything looks like it’s bending now! I’m pretty sure the plates are 4mm thk , it does look deceiving next to the 50mm dia side rail tube. If they do bend, it’s not noticeable in the ride, the Tornado runs on rails on a flat beach and makes my Dragster feel like a freestyle bug.
  4. Hi guys... great thread! Yeah the wheel is buckled but not too bad, I only noticed it on the next session when I fixed the cam in the same place. Stupidly I was watching the guys putting up the dune protection fencing and didn't see the driftwood, I was looking to see where they were putting it, a fellow buggier almost lost his foot earlier this year when his foil unexpectedly powered up and dragged him into the fence! Not an exageration when I say he almost lost his foot, it was a mess. The discs are pretty good but the beach has to be rock solid and mirror flat to really benefit from the reduced rolling resistance. Greastone isn't the best beach for them. I don't know what your beaches are like there, I was in NZ recently and the ones I see were good to buggy on but not rock hard, maybe thats to do with the 1.5m tidal range compared to our 6-7m... I don't know, maybe it was just the beaches I was at. I'm obviously pro-inflable-in-a-buggy, I still have a bag full of race kites and that's where they stay, in the bag. I started flying inflatables at the beginning of last year with big 13m and 16m Bularoos. Definately built for using on land but after a while I found the size and weight was holding me back. Still quite a LEI novice I moved on to Waroos, 5m, 7m, 9m and 11m. Nice and easy to fly and took some abuse for a cheap kite. I had to fly all of them on the fastest settings, especially the 2010's, but not slow kites through the air though, infact I had just short of 58mph (93kmh) from the 7m, still my PB. I'm now half way to changing over to F-one Bandits. Very powerful quick kites. I have a 7m and 9m so far, in the vid I'm flying the 7m for the first time, I have no doubt that will be the kite that cracks 60mph (100kph) for me. IMO LEIs are the way to go on land. At the moment LEI development seems aim more in the direction of all-round lifty, waveriding whatever kites and worrying about things like re-launch. I think there's a growing gap in the market for a properly developed high aspect speed kite, and when it is built there will be some serious buggy speeds. Whether it's commercially viable or not at the moment I'd still like to see it happen... what do you think? Wish I had seen this thread when I first started flying inflatables, keep it giong
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