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  1. kids bought me these for my birthday because I have had my eyes on them and yes adjustable bridle even on the rage ...check out the spacers no more knots ....
  2. nah still not working gives a shout tonight when I'm home
  3. totally the best kites and totally mint condition to say im happy is an understatement ,,,,, thanks very very much andy
  4. I have a brand new mac bego 6m kite with flexifoil lines 225x 100x 25 and prolink handles rtf swap for smaller kite for my son must be rtf Pics can be sent WhatsApp etc
  5. My pkd buster soulfly 2.2m as new with no wear or tear ! Awsome high wind kite flies smooth and fast but won't rip you out the buggy https://www.dropbox.com/s/nax8go0o7qzzd1z/2014-03-31%2021.06.40.jpg £60 free delivery uk my Hermes This is kite only with bag
  6. Avalon going for to much money and the crazs just look like rages
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