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Hello, i'm from Poland. We've got couple nice places for snowkiting.

One of the best is plateau under the Sniezka mountain in Sudety massiv.

Check photos -> http://www.sniezka.karpacz.pl/galery_50.htm

Forecast -> http://polish.wunderground.com/global/stations/12510.html (most stable), http://www.windguru.cz/pl/index.php?sc=75253

Web cam -> http://www.lucnibouda.cz/webcam_detail.php?PHPSESSID=29478a61aa3a699b3008e83c18c192cb


On kiteforum.pl you can find other info about snwokiting in Poland but in Polish. It could by difficult to understand ;)


Photos from plateau under the Sniezka ->





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I believe there are two lakes- Jezioro Osowskie, Jezioro Tuchomskie where people snowkite. 

In Slovakia  Orava is popular, even for polish people :)

The best thing is the price, since it's still polish zloty, not euros, which is worth 4 times less. You can have 6 lessons for 100 euros, unlike another european countries...

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