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Hey IM BACK!!!!!!


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some may know and fear me, many not, but Ill keep this short

Ive got a shitton of kite gear sitting in my garage, not been used for years, its been stored dry and looks in reasonable condition, Buggys will definately need new bearings, but time has come to sell it on or just put it in a skip

mostly kite buggy gear, buggys, helmets, race kites etc

Deal is simple, offer me a price and the lot is yours, you can even have any other kite related gear that is sitting there, jut send me a PM, if I dont get offer it all goes to landfill, because Im moving soon and Im not carrying it about any more

Collection only from Joyner Brisbane






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A list of what kites you have to sell, and their condition, would help you sell them.

If you are happy to post them, you will get more interest, and guess, more dollars for you.

Interested in seeing this list......


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Would love to, but currently working FIFO, actual models of the buggy's are lost to the winds, I think the SS one is a Vmax, it may come with wide and narrow forks, the other may also have wide/narrow forks, kites are a mix of race kites and mid aspect kites, the M3 is a depower, kites cover a range from 2 to 9m ish. This is a take it all or nothing thing, and the offers I've got so far are telling me this is easier to just dump in landfill.

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Im not making this an auction, but I've got one offer that will save this from landfill, and not going to disclose how much, but imho it will be a bargain if they get it.

few updates....

  • Found all the parts for the dismantled Libre (special???)
  • the Vmax currently has the wide forks installed to match the alloy wheels, but there is a set od SS mid forks for it.
  • Dont know if I mentioned it but there is a third buggy here, it will be something of a surprise to whoever gets it (small freestyle)
  • There looks like a set of new bearings kept in a sealed box and looking good, just takes an hours work to swap them in and you have a perfectly useable buggy.
  • extra set of wheels for the Vmax, but probably could fit the special if the Vmax mid forks are used.
  • GPS
  • kite bars and handles
  • several helmets
  • harnesses with pulleys and quick releases
  • found another kite that didnt make the original picture (crossfire)


Im going to hold off for a week before closing this down (22/7/24) and need this stuff gone between 26/7 and 5/8



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