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  • steve1600949566

    Loko Insane ADV Landboard

    A strange looking board at first, but it really stands out from the crowd, even when covered in sand and crud. All black, abit knight rider-ish (he probably had one in the boot:-) )

    The price is quite reasonable and on a par with the other mid to high priced boards, but the straps or bindings are extra, they do however offer some flexibility in adjusting your foot stance, with the plates having about two inches of rotational adjustment.



    The construction appears to be bullet proof,powder coated steel at the ends and a carbon connector between them to give flex in the board, and it works too,people upto 16st have bounced this board.

    The two sizes are identical in every way except size to accomodate your natural stance (shorter=narrower) although both could be used by any rider.






    First impression of the ride were strange as the board rocks under foot, and takes a few minutes to get used to. For mtbing the board likes quite hard terrain for the best grip, but is quite happy on all except muddy ones where it has a tendency to slip and slide under you, put it on a steep road however and just make sure you have all the protection on as this board really shifts, the nice bit is there is NO speed wobble, take the straps or bindings off and you could even street luge with this.

    At all speeds the steering mechanism seems progressive, and carving runs are easy and relaxed, a feature ? of the design means that as the heel or toeside forces increase, it will reach a point where the trailing wheel will start to add some steering input allowing very sharp turns.

    For kite boarding this board is more suited to fast cruising as it is relativly heavy, but jumping is still possible. on the beaches where standard boards dig furrows (in reasonably packed sand)this board is more likely to leave a wide tyre print. Power slides are just a case of leanig back while cutting the kite back across the window, no more sand builing up in front of the board to tip you over.

    As this board gets moving, and you start to lean against the kite the front wheel almost anticipates you by starting to try and edge upwind, which you can either use or get a bigger kite and use the extra grip to get more speed. At low speed the rocking motion can make life awkward as far as balance is concerned, but i think thats a practise issue.

    A great board that is really well suited to downhill speed and kiteboarding speed runs and isnt too bad at all the other stuff either.



    By : Steve

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