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  • Antoniou

    KM 7001

    Received this kite as gift last year from a close friend who thougth it would help me get into kiting. Well he was right! Sadly like all of us we can't wait to get the damn things up in the air and I was no exception. Sadly the wind was only about 5mph so I wasn't really going to get dragged about. But she went up and stayed up and until the tide came in from behind us! A little too long enjoying myself I thinks.


    After taking the KM7001 a few times I must admit I got a bit fed up with it because of the line set quality. Frankly they suck! They're not pre-stretched and who can be bothered stretching them yourself! The kite really struggles in winds upto the 20mph mark. Tried everything to tweak the line set but it couldn't fly at all. It just stalls and gets no lift. So, I decided to invest in a set of flexifoil Quad lines around 25mtrs and 300lb.


    "Now this is when the KM7001 came to life".


    Put this kite in a 5-10mph wind and it flies round very pleasently and is quite gracefull and a real joy to use, infact you could get your gran to fly it!.


    Put it in 10-20mph and things start to wake up a bit! There's a decent amount of sport to be had.


    Now I've not gone barking mad, but this kite only costs around £20 and when you put this kite with Flexifoil lines in a 35-40ph wind on a beach, with a landboard you seriously get moving! I've done this twice now, once at Sandwich bay and today and Camber Sands. If your a beginner like me to kiting/Landboarding your going to sit up and take notice. I agree not everyone's gonna be brave enough to walk out onto a beach with a £20 kite and a Landboard when there's people with kites flying around you that cost anything from £100 to £1000, If your interested in trying this kite out do so. What have you got to lose, I got this as a gift and have upgraded the lines and now have something that it useable in high winds and doesn't break the bank or your legs. For me at the moment I'm getting great use out of this kite by practising landbaording and a reasonable speed in high winds. Don't think you'll get any air or hang time with this kite unless we get a hurricane but rest assure if we do, I'll be out there with my KM7001.


    This kite is great value for money if your a beginner so give it a go!

    By : Antoniou

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    Sounds as though you are hooked mate...You're right about it being a good idea for a "tester kite"...It would be a shame to buy a expencive foil just to see if you like the sport. Having said that, there are "try before you buy" shops . good honest review

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