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  1. £225 ono Will have to get the wife to put it on ebay i thinks
  2. Been a great kite for light winds with a big board. Offers will be considered Neil
  3. Beg your pardon Thought you were just commenting as people often do without really showing any interest. Not many kites on here to compare with but Ozone are hard to beat for quality. Neil
  4. Sorry But why are you commenting if you are not in the market????
  5. 2009 RTF Had since new Has a pro leading edge repair due to a coming together with the kids basketball net(silly school boy era). Has a patch on the main sale and had recently had new inlet and outlet valves fitted. The bar has a bit of foam missing on the handle but has never been a problem. Pics to follow, will get them done by the weekend. £275 + postage Cheers Neil
  6. Thanks Will pass on the price Neil
  7. Hi Jamie Got a mate who has just started and has been borrowing my kites, so its time to get his own. How much RTF Cheers Neil
  8. Sorry to hear about your mishap...Apart from that did you like the location & mend soon
  9. Hi Ian NE at Clacton is very good cross to cross on and is good at any tide state if you dont mind deep water riding. Parking is in Selsy ave/rd? infront of the kitable beach nr the end of the golf course. There are no restictions and we are a very freindly bunch. we even talk to the dog walkers! I will be there on monday, wishing it was every day this w/e as this winds been a long time coming, and like buses it all comes at once. Will prob be on my Orange Ozone C4 10 come & say hi. Neil
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