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  1. I am looking to get a couple of Pansh kites for snowkiting. What do you recommend for snowkiting? I will be on both flat and mountainous conditions on ice and snow, so looking for 1-2 kites which would be good for both. What does a snowkite quiver look like? My main question is what is the difference between the smaller kites such as blaze 3 or genesis. Which ones will loop well and have good depower (I can get get a good wind range)? I am usually between 75-85 kg.
  2. Looking at Pansh's line-up, they offer kites at a very affordable price. Which of the models are worth getting? I was thinking about getting a larger kite for the low end winds and a 8 or 10 m for higher winds. Are the modifications necessary to enable them to fly well difficult to do?
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