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  1. Hi there is this available? Post to Melbourne?
  2. Hey lads Getting back into kite bugging IM after a buggy suitable for a 100kg bloke plus a few kites. In the past I had a 3m a 4.5m n a 7m. What's for sale? I'm in Melbourne Cheers Ryan
  3. hey guys i have for sale a copy of this dvd. i have watched it 3 times with mates and then never again watched it perfect new condition $40 and ill pay shipping!
  4. hi guys i need a set of lines and handles suitable for a 7m bullet! if anyone has any 2nd hand ones or a spare ste they wanna get rid of let me know thanks!
  5. nah it has handles. it would be a great trainer kite. to get moving in the ocean with this kite and with a board u wuld need at least 100+ knots of wind and a pair of extremeley large nuts..... if ur keen let me know ryan
  6. hey there, yes the kite is still for sale. but i cant let it go for $80!!! that other kite no offence like everyone else is saying will be a chinese poorly made kite. this is a top brand quality built kite. the cheapest i can let her go for is $140. but at least ull know u will be buying quality that lasts.... let me know
  7. HEY MATE soz just a fraction too late!
  8. hey mate, soz cant let it go that cheap! sheesh thats giving it away. $350 is firm. thats stiull very cheap for this buggy. it owes me ALOT more i can assure you! pickup is available anytime so if u want it, grab it cheers ryan
  9. Price Bump!!!! Now $350! Comon Guys Get It Quick!
  10. HEY THERE. ill do them all for $620 and ill pay the extra postage should only cost $30 for postage. hows that sound? let me know ASAP. cos i have people wanting one of these kites and wuld like to sell as a package. pleaSE CALL or email asap on 0409 189 648 or ryantait_15@hotmail.com
  11. im selling my buggy! have a look in the for sale section! cheers im in melbourne!
  12. Hey Garth. that would be a bargain of the century.... sorry i cant let them go that cheap the cheapest i can culd sell the 4m and the 4.9m wuld be $600. and for that id throw in an ozone bar and lines hows that sound? cheers ryan
  13. haha nah... they may be old. but its worth ALOT more than $50 i can assure u. its in perfect nick with lines and handles and backpack all offers well above $100 will be considered cheers ryan
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