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  • Buying Your First Trainer Kite


    The right trainer kite can teach you flying skills that will help you progress through your Kitesurfing Lessons much quicker and more confidently.  Purchasing a trainer kite before taking lessons can accelerate your natural progression, it also gives you a learning tool to continue to use between your lessons.  Learning to Kitesurf is as much about the kite as it is the board, spending time with a trainer kite will develop your muscle memory in the same way when you drive a car you no longer need to think about turning the steering wheel, your body simply does it.  

    Top Choices for your First Trainer Kite
    2.0M to 3.5M Trainer Kites are an ideal size for learning, here’s some different designs and options below.

    trainer-kite-two-line.pngStandard 2 Line Trainer Kite
    Two line trainer kites are the cheapest entry level kites designed to be used on land, in a park or on a beach.  They’re inexpensive, easy to setup and fly however they’re best used in the company of someone else to help you relaunch them when you crash.

    Some Suggestions: HQ Rush V, Peter Lynn Hype TR, Crosskites Boarder,


    trainer-kite-three-line.pngStandard 3 Line Trainer Kite
    These trainer kites are for use on land, in park or on the beach.  They are generally not much more in cost than a two line standard trainer kite and come with a small 3 line bar setup.  The benefit of the 3 line design is that if you’re learning on your own when you crash the kite you will be able to relaunch the kite yourself.

    Some Suggestions: HQ Rush V Pro, Peter Lynn Impulse TR


    trainer-kite-closed-cell.pngClosed Cell 3 Line Trainer Kite
    These trainer kites are for use on Land or Water, so if you’re struggling for open space you can walk out and fly them in the water.  Whilst they are more costly than a Standard 3 Line Trainer Kite they are a lot of fun and can be used to learn more of the basics of kiteboarding such as body dragging through the water.

    Some Suggestions: HQ Hydra II, Peter Lynn Skim


    trainer-kite-single-skin.pngSingle Skin 3 Line Trainer Kite
    The newest designed Trainer Kites to the market and designed to be used on land, in a park or on a beach.  Unlike all the other trainer kites a single skin trainer kite has no “cells” so nowhere to hold air.  This makes them ideal for repeatedly crashing again and again when learning, and compared to all the other available trainer kites can take much harder and repeated crashes.

    Some Suggestions: Peter Lynn Uniq TR, Born-Kite Star3

    Second Hand Trainer Kites?
    A second hand trainer kite can be a good option, look for one that hasn’t been used a lot as the consistent crashing of a trainer kite weakens the kite over time.  You can look through our Buy & Sell section of our Community Forum.

    Still Not Sure?
    If you’ve still got questions and unsure, ask in our Community Kiteboarding Forum, our members will be more than happy to assist in answering your questions.

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