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Been buggying for yonks and now my kite kit has to go.


You can have this and everything in it for £1,000.


Clicky --> https://goo.gl/photos/sNA943gWTUCFFmXG6


I might even put up more pics and list it all, if you are interested!


(ps. can't remember how to put pics in these posts..)


Cheers. Mart.

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It is time to sell all my remaining kiting kit. Buggy and trailer already gone.


Complete Kite Set-Up.


• Large Libre Powersails kite bag. Red.

• Complete Libre Bora II set.











Unique colours built for Libre pilot in England. Grey body with purple leading edge. Fade free. They have hardly been used in the last three years. All kites are in excellent condition, the middle ranges used more than the end ones. All come complete with lines and handles. All set up and ready to fly/race. 10 race kites, ten sets of lines, ten sets of handles.

• Buggybacks Big Bag for stuff.

• Asonic Fury Full Face Helmet XL, with protective bag.

• 661 Lid Helmet XL.

• 2 pairs wet type gloves XL. 1 x Gill, 1 x Gul

• Libre Powersails harness XL. Comes complete with spreader bar, Holt Allen snatch block and Wichard quick release.

• Helly Hansen waterproof long-johns XL

• Orange Tow Strop and two shackles

• 4 sand stakes, spade, sand, 3 sets assorted used lines, 1 Naish strop.


Everything in excellent condition. Ready for you to race or just go faster!


One price for the lot. £1,000.

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