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  1. No worries @Mfwetu. Completely understand. I am just getting back into kiting again after a 10 year break, so will be good to hang onto the frenzy. ?
  2. Hi, Ihave an 06 or 07 in mint condition if you are interested? I bought it before I left Ireland but have only flown it a few times. It is super crispy and RTF.
  3. Sorted, thank you.
  4. Live in Brisbane. Ideally like somewhere within an hour radius.
  5. Thanks Andy, Got sorted with a PL buggy. Now need to find some decent spots to try it out in SEQ. Will touch base with Jason regardless.
  6. Hi Looking for a buggy in the South East QLD region. Will consider all types, but would prefer a comfortable seat. Cheers
  7. Hi, are either of these twinskins still for sale? Cheers
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