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Registration Terms

Welcome to Extreme Kites, this community exists as a resource to provide fun, educational and entertaining content relevant to Power Kiting.  There’s not a lot of rules and I would really like to keep it that way instead of this place having a 10 page essay on signup.  To achieve this there’s one simple overarching rule, ‘Don’t be a Dickhead.’

As for the rest of the rules, they’re minimal at the moment so your help in keeping it like this would be great :)

No Spamming

It’s 2020 at the time of writing this, if you’ve come this far you know what it is.

No Sock Puppeting
If you’re a Team-Rider, Brand Owner or Affiliated just be open and honest when contributing.  In fact most people will appreciate that.

Nothing Illegal or Hateful
If it has the potential to get anyone in trouble don’t post it here, if law enforcement knocks I’m not forking out for lawyers to protect you.

Content Posted

The messages and content posted on this website express the views of the author of the message.  There’s no warranty or accuracy provided nor is the availability of any content to be deemed an endorsement by this website.


This community has over 15,000+ members, I’m 1 person.  If you find content that you deem breaks the ‘Don’t be a dickhead’ rule then please use the inbuilt reporting system or contact us page.  You may not like decisions made at times, however I have a young family, kids and work so like many people my time is limited, when I’m here I’m not spending my time arguing over Moderation.  

More Rules?

Sections such as the Buy & Sell will have some basic rules at the top to help with managing that section, they’ll be updated from time to time but again they’re aimed to be simple and easy to understand.  

I appreciate if you’re a member here and contributing to our community in a positive way, Power Kiting is a small niche in the world compared to other sports and as an active community we’re even smaller in number.  I continue to build this website as a way to contribute back to the sport I love, I genuinely hope that your experience here is positive, educational and entertaining.  


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