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Kiting NT .. or .. Marty's Corner

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Bloody thing went under contract in 24 hrs ............... :diablo:

Thats Darwin !!

Goz ,,,, no go for a fly yet mate ,,, maybe this weekend I hope .... SO much happening ! I swear I get more flys in in Brisbane (when Ledonna want's to keep me home) than when I am up here living the batchelor life. Just shows what a committed worker I am :wall2:

Brendon ... where ya been mate .... if I had someone to play with I am sure I would try and play more :good:

Cheers Tony .... but ... sniff ... next :fear: ... as for the tent .... dude .... bring a caravan and stay a while :drinks:


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Cheers Goozy ... but alas, it looks like all smoke and mirrors :cray:

Today was work and house hunting ... tomorrow's forecast looks to be more than a few thunder storms rolling through. I was originally planning on heading to Gunn Point beach to enjoy the foretasted westerly. Gunn point is one of the wider (and remotish) beaches up here, but unfortunately involves about an hour of 4 wheel driving to get to with numerous creek crossings ... common sense is telling me to give it a miss due to the big storms we have been getting. So looks like it's work tomorrow :fear:

I see there is another low brewing up in the Gulf + the tides are low in the afternoons ... so I may get a hoot after work one day later in the week.

Otherwise it's another week of keyboard kiting ... lol

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Hey Gozzy ..... I went to sleep to windows flashing light and dark and woke to the same thing.

It's been the driest wet season up here in yonks (so I hear) right up until 24 hours before I get my container picked up and delivered to our new house today :wall2:

I have all weekend to unpack ... enjoy the rain, and be tormented by awesome wind and perfect tides :diablo:


(Don't let those little sun's fool ya ... tis rather wet !)

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Wind seems very consistent for the time of day it picks up, wonder why that is :D

Pity you haven't got the chance to get away and enjoy it this week Marty. :cray:

At the rate your going you are going to have to learn how to hold the bar again let alone how to kite.

Hope the rain holds off for the move and unpack for you mate. :yes3:

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