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Welcome to 2020, where Extreme Kites is run by a Benevolent Dictator and the help of the community :D 
The new rules are here: https://www.extremekites.org/terms/ 

Report Types:    

  • Being a Dickhead
  • Illegal / Hateful
  • Spam
  • Other

Community Moderation Actions
If three or more members flag a post as "Illegal / Hateful" or "Spam" the post will automatically be hidden and enter the report queue.  This is now community moderation in place, where if I'm not around the community has the ability to get rid of something.  I'm sure at some point this will be abused, and when that happens I'll try and improve the automated rule sets :) 

New Signups Content Requiring Approval
I've reduced the requirements from 5 to 2 posts for approved content, I'll see how that fairs and if there's no real issues then I'll reduce it down to 1 approved post.  This system is in place to keep this community clean, a lot of people follow a significant amount of content and as a result each day we send out a significantly large number of emails.  What I don't want is a spammer posting in 50 topics and that being multiplied by the number of people following that content.  Email reputation determines if new account signups, account recovery or general community notifications reach your inbox.

Community Wide Content Approval
The approval process for Downloads, Reviews and Speed Records will change over time and no longer require approval and instead will become immediately visible.  Previously with content like Reviews I would need to manually create the feature image and some additional data, I'm preparing an update for the Reviews section and then that will all become automated.  With automated Community Moderation it gives some more flexibility and removes me as the bottleneck to you having your contributions go live.

Net Positive
I'm operating this community under the idea that everything moves under a net positive.  Opening up the community a bit more, automating a few things, more individual freedom to publish content etc. Sure there will be screw ups and issues at times, however I'm hoping the overall outcome is a significant net positive that outweighs the small inconveniences. 

If you made it this far thank you for reading :D 

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