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    • By RaceKites
      I spent many hours working through the great kite resources found on the web and decided to build a NPW5 for my first large project.

      The information available to scratch build this kite is great and I had no trouble sorting out the building process. The NPW5 since it's a single surface kite wth a low number of parts was not so complicated to sew except for the seam construction that took some tests on scrap material to get right.

      It built up in about four evenings, about 16 hours to complete.

      The bridal is simple arrangement and worked up with not too much fuss. Use the procedures listed on some of the NPW sites and it comes out good.

      First flights were troublesome for me as I had the angle of attack all out of wack and it never got off the ground more than 5 feet. It pulled like heck in a 20mph wind and was tough to keep it's shape...

      So after plenty of adjustment of the main panel center bridal lines I adjusted the angle of attack to perform better but it was still tough to get higher than 20 feet. I began to tune the break lines and let them out, alot...

      The kite zoomed up to overhead and stalled and collapsed. I think I got it by this time. (7 flights later) I find that this kite works much like many of the last posts in this listing indicate. However, I struggled for quite some time to tame the kite and stop it from folding up, flying backwards, not climbing, spinning, and get control of...

      I have scared myself twice as the gusts came up beyond 25mph and found that it was pulling me so that I lost foot traction and was getting close to trees at the end of the field...

      Make sure that you fly this kite 4 line as it can pull you more than you may be prepared for and you need a way to get it on the ground.

      It's been a real challenge to learn with but after fighting with it I can probably work any other kite available. It's turns fast but goes slow, pulls hard and is plenty surprising when it collapses and changes shape... It's a fine first kite for the first time scratch builder if one takes a little care and attention.

      It will help you build up all your skills for the first season in building and flying big traction kites. I recomend it for a beginner project and suggest you make it four line or it will pull you to where you really don't want to go on the first day you dare to take it out in moderate to strong winds...

      Lot's of workout and lot's of laughs... Spent $130.00 and my time to build... Go for it...
      By : Bruce Feaver
    • By andy666
      Printable full size plans for a Flexifoil Buggy Belly Pan.
      Also known as RIP: Rectal Impact Protection
    • By andy666
      Plans for a few different kite buggies.
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