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    • By .Joel
      Hi, I need some help building a list of EVERY kite buggy ever made. 
      If you can name a buggy not on the list below please pop it in as a reply!  
      (P) = Production Buggies that were available to be ordered.
      (U) = Unique Buggies that were home built or one-offs.
      (NFI) = No idea, let me know!  
      Arctic Ice Buggy (U)
      Cameleon Iguana * (NFI)
      Cameleon Pogona * (NFI)
      Eliot Virus * (NFI)
      Eolo Radsails Buggy * (P)
      Flexifoil Original * (P)
      FMF Ice Buggy * (NFI)
      GT-Race Radical * (P)
      GT-Race Rapide FL * (P)
      GT-Race Rapide ++ * (P)
      Ivanpah Race Buggy (NFI)
      Kite Trike 3 (P)
      Libre Dragster * (P)
      Libre Hardcore * (P)
      Libre Magestic (P)
      Libre Protask * (P)
      Libre Supertruck * (P)
      Libre VMax Full Race * (P)
      MG Aero (P)
      MG Aerobic (P)
      MG Reverse (NFI)
      MG Simplex (P)
      MG Supra (P)
      MG Vertical (P)
      Montreal Suspension Buggy (U)
      Ozone Stealth * (P)
      Parastorm Typhoon II * (P)
      Parastorm Gobi (U)
      Peter Lynn Bigfoot * (P)
      Peter Lynn Comp * (P)
      Peter Lynn Comp II * (P)
      Peter Lynn Folding * (P)
      Peter Lynn F-Lynn (NFI)
      Peter Lynn Race (P)
      Peter Lynn Rally * (P)
      PTW Cheetah (U)
      PTW Crab (NFI)
      PTW Couger (P)
      PTW Dominator (P)
      PTW Fandango * (NFI)
      PTW Panther  * (NFI)
      PTW Prowler * (NFI)
      PTW Superbug (U)
      RS Buggy * (NFI)
      Scorpion Race * (NFI)
      Sysmic S1 (P)
      Sysmic S2 (P)
      Sysmic S3 (P)
      Trickbitz Dust Devil (U)
      Trickbitz Tornado * (P)
      VFlex * (NFI)
      Viper EVO 1 * (NFI)
      Viper Legara * (NFI)
      VTT Black Widow (U)
      VTT Cricket XL (U)
      VTT (Stinger) (U)
      Wooden Buggy (U)
      XXTreme Apexx * (P)
      XXTreme Simbug * (NFI)
      XXTreme Racer * (P)
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