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I took a punt on a bag of kites out of Sydney sight unseen from a lady I had purchased some "Blade" power kites from from many years ago. 

She rang me out of the blue when she found this bag when shifting house. (See it always pays to send a postcard of Esperance and a few $5.00 "Scratchies", thanking the seller for her help, when buying from her. She had done the extra yards by getting the blades into a box/packaged and into the post for me. She still had this post card on her fridge with my mobile number on it). 

This new parcel arrived a few weeks back and the postage and bubble wrap ended up being half the purchase cost. I finally got round to undoing it and sorting them out today. (Well actually getting my welding bench clean enough to put ripstop on).


Out come some nice bits of history in among them was. 

3 x 6 foot stackers in fantastic nick.




Lines, straps and Stacker lines. Their manuals were included. 

 In the photo below I already had the 4 foot (blue sleeve) My 8 foot (pink and yellow sleeve) and 6 foot (pink sleeve) in this photo. There is also a 10 foot red "Stacker" of mine that is not pictured, but I havent got any spars for it.

Everything else pictured was inside the blue and silver bag from her. It's all price marked marked in English pounds.


There was a mint Flexifoil "Stranger" complete with sleeve, lines and manual. IMG_2792.thumb.JPG.0d19dd423ff59451b4346361abd32761.JPG



Inside an internal pocket in the bag was this little beauty that I know nothing about or seen before. Also in mint condition.IMG_2775.thumb.JPG.f98a8d25574ef7915017c0689857f603.JPG


All round a nice purchase from a lovely elderly lady (who wanted them to go to a good home) and I've never met. Cant wait to try them out.

Some days are diamonds eh?


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    • By rorymcmullon
      So this is my first kite. My first EVER kite. I researched for countless nights looking for everyone's views on beginner kites. What size, what make, what is best if I want to progress onto boarding...all the obvious questions.

      Anyway so I've FINALLY purchased the Flexifoil Rage 3.5m and there is only one word to describe it...WOW!

      When I first bought it i was a little reserved and still a bit concious of spending a lot of money on my first kite, was this a mistake? no way!

      When I unpacked the Rage you could see straight away that this kite has been made by a quality manufacturer, everything was perfect. stitching, print, colours...basically i loved it, and at this point it was just for the colour and the how amazing it looked. However unpacking it, i had realised just how big this kite was- it was huge! But any doubts towards if this kite was too big for me were soon put to rest.

      I took it down to my local field straight away with my dad and even though the wind was virtually non-existant the Rage rode any wind that it came across, sometimes even pulling me! (which was great seen as there was hardly any wind). I also let my dad have a go (completely new to the sport) and after about 5 mins of crashing the kite over and over again into the ground ( I know, brave aren't i ?!) he soon picked it up and had a really fun time.

      So 2 days later i look outside the window and see the wind; blowing trees all over the place and i thought it would be a good idea to take the Rage out with some friends. BAD idea, i think the winds were about 25mph, and for a beginner a REALLY BAD IDEA! the kite scared us so much, it was so powerful, i finally got what i wanted which was to do some jumping and skidding with the kite but I had to constantly use the kite killers which meant a long time turning to kite the right way round, running backwards so i don't end up in people's back gardens and basically i think i could go as far assaying i didnt enjoy it, but I'm sure in a few months i will thrive with those days out and with a boad that would've been a really good day! i just can't wait to progress with my skills, kiting is such a new sport for me, I'm sure i am very naive with the possiblities with my kite!

      I really like this kite, and after researching so much- night after night after night after... (you get where i'm going) I'm sure i've found the right kite for me. I bought it from S2AS in Hythe, and the staff were really friendly and helpful, they even cut me a great deal which included an hour lesson!

      I've been told this kite is really good for boarding so if you're a beginner looking to progress onto boarding through time (like myself) then i would definitley recommend this kite.

      It's POWERFUL, QUALITY, AMAZING....well done flexfoil, a great kite!

      Rory McMullon
    • By Sunburned
      To begin this review I will tell you I am about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weigh about 180 pounds (about 13 stone). I have been kiting for a few years now and decided I was ready to get myself a Blade. I am kinda pissed they came out with the Blade V about a month after I got my IV but I am happy with it none the less. If the reader takes one thing from this review let it be this, GET CRASH SHORTS! You spent hundreds on the kite, lines and bar/handles. Spend another $60 and protect your butt. Plus if you are worried about looking like a sissy, you wear them under your cloths so no one has to know.
      The bag is awesome, we all know how cool the bag looks, and quality wise it is just as good. I would like to get another to carry my school books. Only problem is that it is snug. You have to really cram everything in there and when you have a kite along with the handles and line you may have some difficuly zipping it up. The wings near the zipper are a great addition since it helps prevent the kite from getting snagged in the zipper.
      Kite itself is beautiful, not a stich out of place, not a loose thread to be seen not a splotch of color mismatched. Bridles are strong and color coded for easy set up. The AAA is easy to figure out and there is a little flash card there to confirm the way you already thought it worked.
      On to flight, just a note this kite has always been used on the liftiest setting.

      3-5 mph winds
      Not too much doing here, usually won't even take it out unless I am desperate for some flying time. Have to keep the kite moving and even then it is pretty easy to stall and fall out of the air, especially at the edges of the window when trying to make a turn. But hey, we all know a 4.9 is too small for this wind anyway.

      5-10 mph winds
      The Blade starts to wake up, not really enough to lift me but if I really want to get a flying session in I can get some decent pull out of it. No problems at all keeping it in the air. Have to make sure to keep it in the power zone as much as possible to get decent pull but it will give me some exercise.

      10-15 mph winds
      Blade has awoken, get some nice jumps in, not high (3-4 feet) but very soft and controlled. This is great wind for a first jumping session since it will not take someone my size (13 stone) too high, but it will take me high enough to see the potential power of the kite. Landings are usually pretty soft but due to the size of the kite they can be a little (just a little) rough sometimes. I highly recommend crash shorts; I never fly my Blade without them. The best thing I can say about the Blade is that it is very predictable so when you go up, you know you are about to go up.

      15-20 mph winds
      In the words of John McClane in Die Hard, Yippe-ki-yay. IMHO the best wind range for this kite and my body size. Time to hold on to you butts and get ready for a heck of a ride. The Blade has excellent pull, not as much as a kite designed for pulling (like a Bullet or Rage) but as we all know the Blade was designed to jump. And jump you will. You can easily get over 5 feet and travel maybe 25 or 30 feet in distance. Just to clarify, I really mean easilyget over 5 feet, if you try you can get closer to the 8-10 foot mark. Again though, the Blade is very controllable and predictable so you can tell when you are going up and have time to prepare yourself. I find that I get less tired kiting in winds like this since I have to run less in a pendulum jump. The crash shorts have saved me from a weekend ruining injury or worse many times... GET THEM!
      20-25 mph winds
      This kite is on cocane. I may float away never to return. Truth be told I dont think I have ever been out in winds consistently this strong but I would imagine that I would kill myself. Since I sometimes enjoy life I would take a smaller kite. And advise anyone not well over 220 pounds to do the same
      25+ mph winds
      You are a lunatic and I want to see some vids of you on youtube. Go with God

      To summarize, I agree with the other reviews. The Blade IV is a controllable beast. Hang on tight as enjoy the ride. Just make sure you are in control of it, and not vice versa.

      Kite on
      By : Sunburned
    • By Tim.JH
      I am quite new to foil kiting and decided to start out with a Big Buzz ( I was initially torn between a Sting 1.2 (4 line) and a Big Buzz (2 line) but chose the Big Buzz due to price and the fact that it was so easy to set up!).

      ***Build Quality***
      Well as you would expect - flawless! The kite is well stitched, lines are well sewn in, feels like great attention to workmanship has been taken.

      ***Flying Experience****
      Very simple to set up, you just take it out of the bag connect the two (colour coded) lines to the kites bridals, unwind and your ready to go. This kite can be self launched but I have found it to be a little tricky. But if you just have someone to hold it for you.......wooooooosh its off (straight up with no trouble at all). Now I had read some reviews about about people finding the flight of these kites to be jerky and not smooth but I did not find this at all. The kite flew, smooth, very fast and powerful, very powerful for its size!!!! (but wont pull you off your feet!) .
      In high wind could an 8 year old hold on to this kite?

      Maybe? or Maybe not???

      The Big Buzz does give you a thrill in high winds. and is fast as hell!!!! People have told me that I might get bored of this kite and might want a larger kite and this may be true one day but I will always own this kite and will use it for the fun factor. I would recommend to anyone as I am a critical person and I cant fault it!

      Most of all I am amazed of how strong they are, I have flown mine hard ( and I mean hard!) in high winds and its been just great!!!!

      Get one and have a go!

      Hope this helps.

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