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Sandy Point. Vic. : Possible post Covid lock down runs till Christmas.


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Well this is all dependent on what's going to happen in the next week or two......

But being the optimist, I am putting up the dates for weekends with great tides for Sandy Point.

All depends on the weather as well.


Sept. 26th low tide 12.17pm.

Sept. 27th low tide 1.08pm.


Oct. 10th low tide 12.19pm.

Oct. 11th low tide 1.02pm.


Oct. 24th low tide 12.09pm.

Oct. 25th low tide 12.56pm.


Nov. 7th low tide 11.15am.

Nov. 8th low tide 11.56am.


Nov. 21st low tide 11.06am.

Nov. 22nd low tide 11.51am.


Dec. 5th low tide 10.09am.

Dec. 6th low tide 10.52am.


Dec. 12th low tide 3.58pm.

Dec. 13th low tide 4.58pm.


Dec. 19th low tide 10.01am.

Dec. 20th low tide 10.48am.

Dec. 21st low tide 11.33.am.

Dec. 22nd low tide 12.17pm.

Dec. 23rd low tide 1.02pm.

Dec. 24th low tide 1.48pm.


So it might be good for a pre Christmas run if people have the time off.

Fingers crossed we can get a run in considering this very strange year.

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Bugger.  If they sell that, there'll be nowhere left for vans/tents at the caravan park.  Waratah Bay was getting $$$ and Shallow Inlet was Yobboville last time I was there.  (Doug and Mez were playing loud music till 3am).   Anakie CP is nice but a bit of a drive.  We'll have to all jump on @mik333's site at Foster.  Surely Mick won't mind.....

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