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16 minutes ago, Mfwetu said:

@Spartan did a great review on the 2011 Frenzy a while back that I haven't been able to locate.

Here it is :) 


16 minutes ago, Mfwetu said:

Any chance of additing it to the reviews section?

100%. Something I couldn't do previously which was mainly due to the software being in its infancy years ago, now it's much easier to move Forum Posts to Articles :)  I'm attempting to finish the KiteCrowd recovery tonight after the kids go to sleep, with that done I'll move on to revamping the Reviews section then trove through the whole forum and move all reviews in to there.  :good:  



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15 minutes ago, Mfwetu said:

I loaded a bunch of images intended as screenshots for the stuff I'd already added to the library but they show as attachments. Any way to make them screenshots without reloading all the data?

I'll fix them all tonight :) 
After the weekend there will be no 'Approval Queue' for the Library either they'll just appear, I'm working on opening the website up more and removing bottlenecks (Me) :D 

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