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Flexifoil Blade VI 4.9 2020

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Flexifoil is due to release an updated Blade VI in September 2020.  According to Flexifoil tweaks to the bridle and improved materials being used.
The first size to be released will be the 4.9m.

Check this page for future updates: https://flexifoil.com/collections/land-kiting/products/blade 

Talk about feeling nostalgic, is that a slight pulse I feel beating again at Flexifoil? :) 

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On 8/19/2020 at 3:53 PM, nigel said:

New Blades!!! Wow!

New land kites!! Even more Wow!!

Are Flexi hanging on there to launch a new stacker to celebrate their 50th Birthday??

Only 2 years away!!!  They started in 1972! 

I'd be first in the queue for a couple of super 10s. 😍

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Given that is already released is there any reviews or more information? 

I have no interest in buying but fondly remember reading all about the III and IV when they were released so a good chance for nostalgia. Saying that I did eventually buy a III albeit secondhand!

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