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This is my collection of Peter Lynn Arc kites.

 It all began with a couple of f-arcs a few years ago, that I picked up direct from the peter Lynn factory in NZ. The collection and my interest in arc kites quickly grew from there. The full list of kites shown in the video is below, but some of the rarest are the 24m Charger, 6m Hi-arc, and custom size f-arcs.

There are also a few kites not included in the video as they are either doubles or in the post to me now (yes, the collection is still growing)

Nearly all the kites have and do get flown, with a few still needing repairs to get the ready to fly.


In the video....

600 Hi-arc

600 F-arc (fully custom made by myself)

900 F-arc (cut down from 12m)

1200 F-arc

1600 F-arc

1830 F-arc (cells added to a 1600)

630 S-arc

840 S-arc

1120 S-arc

15m Guerilla II

8m Venom II

10m Venom II

13m Venom II

16m Venom II

19m Venom II

16m Scorpion

12m Synergy

10m Charger

12m Charger

15m Charger

24m Charger

15m Charger II


Not in video....

600 S-arc (prototype)

1200 F-arc (brand new factory condition in bag)

1600 F-arc (brand new factory condition in bag)

1830 F-arc (spare)

13m Venom II (spare)

16m Venom II (spare)

19m Venom II (spare)

15m Synergy (currently in the post)

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As I gaze over my crystal bass, I see the 730 report, a quaint timber shack on a quiet beach side on the East Coast of Australia, a flickering of a small kite out side, the camera pans into the door. It's like the Tardis, a museum of Peter Lynn kites. A sewing machine in one corner and the odd collection of boards and buggies in the other. Andy then appears and explains how the collection came to be.

Nice Video Andy. From FlySurfers to PL Arcs, a strange fanscination with the odd ball kites. I still have my FARC16m and fly it on occasion, though sadly at the moment they are all tucked away on their kite hangers waiting for the COVID19 lockdown to cease.

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@andy666, things over in my neck of the woods are fine, road traffic greatly reduced as no one is supposed to be out driving unless directly to/from work for essential workers or to get essential supplies. A lot more people out walking the suburbs to try and break up the monotony of staying at home. The intension of the lock down is, when it commenced who ever was in your house that is your cell, no wandering off to other people's places, all people outside of your cell keep at least 2 metres away. Working at a Pet Food factory, I am an essential worker, so business pretty much as usual for me. At work, it's keep back at 2 paces, daily check lists of are you coughing, contact with COVID people questions, etc.; and sanitise the blazes out of every thing. We are allowed to duck off for food but only locally and only one person at a time from your cell, numbers limited in the shops. Sunlight, yes, we are allowed to go for our day release into the yard for exercise. Some fwits on the beach decided the rules were not for them and went kite surfing according to FaceBook group reports I see, they are getting a roasting for doing it. For me not too much has changed, instead of Flying my RC Gliders and kitesurfing, I get to compose and play more music at home, checkout my name out on SoundCloud if your're interested.

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