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10 hours ago, Mez said:

I just wanted to reach out and wish everyone good health and keep smiling. 
Share your stories if you’re bored, you know we’d love to hear them.

All the best to you all

From Mez and Doug (@igeighty

Hi Mez and Doug. Thanks for reaching out in these difficult times. Hope you are both keeping well. Whatever State or Territory we live in I guess life is much the same in isolation. Decluttering, doing all those little jobs the wife has been on to me for years to do, the garden has never looked better and the cars never cleaner! 

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This lock down has hit the hip pocket pretty hard.  My daughter was due to graduate from Disney University in Orlando in June and we were all going over there for a month. We had booked and paid for the airfares and were in the process of working out accommodation when all this s*** hit the fan.  It cost around $800 to get her flights changed to bring her back to Australia and around $700 each (times 3) to cancel our flights (if we see any of that money). 

I was also going to do three trips the Brisbane/Gold Coast over the next two months and had booked some non-refundable accommodation - about 11 nights at $110 per night.  The flights from Virgin have been cancelled and hopefully we will get "vouchers" for future trips - if the company survives. The events will be rescheduled for later in the year, but whether the finances extend that far at the time remains to be seen.

There was going to be an International Basketball Championship held here in Canberra and I was going to officiate at that tournament.  That has been cancelled too.

I am in a rotating shift (week on, week at WFH) to keep a Government Department running, but with my daughter coming back from US, I too have been put on WFH for 3 straight weeks - with a daily meeting to check that we are all OK.

I think I'll have take up Trevor's suggestions and do those things around the house that I have been putting off for years.

Grumpy and Bored


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Hi All,

Yes in lock down like the rest of Australia.

My work is still running. 

At work we have removed all the doors, so you don't have to touch them.

The kitchen area is being cleaned every day.

We are all self distancing (easy to do with only 15 people in a factory as big as a footy oval).

So as long as we can continue, I am working.

The issue might be America, as most of our production eventually ends up there.

If they slow down a lot we might have to put the brakes on production, but that will be a few weeks yet before that happens.


On the home front, my two monsters (7+5), seem to be taking the whole virus in their stride.

We have not seen any one, except from across the street distance for the last 2 weeks.

The issue is going to be how mental they get being couped up when the weather turns for the worse as we roll into Winter.

I have a few kites and ground bouncers that I need to make, and I raided my mega stash of plastic model kits. So I could be making stuff for weeks (closer to months) on end, no problems. 

Just like the rest of you, I too have cleaned the cars, and now am looking at doing a nice cut and polish on them.

Stay safe and keep your distance. :good:

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