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Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

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Wow is this year really getting a wriggle on?

Counting down the days now till we get to Yeppoon for the annual get together.

Easter is the full moon so that equals big tides. The beach is wide anyway but this means extra room to play The tidal creek across the beach is usually a non event this time of the year because of this.

I fly into Rockhampton on the 26th March and leave on the 28th of April based at Driftwood right on the beach in Todd Ave.

I posted my kites, helmet and armour last Wednesday so it's there ready for when I arrive. (Cheers Bernie for your help in this regard, your a champion :drinks:)

So guys who else can make it this year.  

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I won't make it this year, too many other trips to Qld (April 4 Officiate Roller Derby, April 25 Play Roller Derby, May 23 Niece's Wedding) and not enough leave to link these together with a kiting trip :-(


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On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2020 at 8:14 AM, KaoS said:

Sadly, we won't be at Emu Park 2020 ...  the local Lions club sent a short email email stating "we will not require your services this year".


Well that's one way to pissed on from a great height after both your efforts!!

I will miss your good cheer and coaching.

The entry wont look the same without Linda's touch.:mad:


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On 3/7/2020 at 8:00 PM, Chook said:

The entry wont look the same without Linda's touch.:mad:


Apparently the Lions club are buying a bunch of printed banners to use instead.  As you say, not the same, but the average member of the public probably won't realize there's much of a difference.  C'est la vie.

We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??

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1 hour ago, KaoS said:

We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??

Sounds like a plan Kevin. I've already paid a deposit for a cabin in Kingston SE from the 16th Jan till the 27th. ?

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21 hours ago, KaoS said:

We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??

I think that sounds like a bloody great idea - not to forget Beachport now has us putting on an annual organised display - around about the 18th January. Speak with Ian at AKFA.

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I was so excited and counting down the days and now I'm snookered as of yesterday.

Bloody virus has thrown a spanner in the works and grounded all non essential movement in West Australia. In other words for me no flights.

So I'm resigned to having to wait for Easter next year.



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I had 3 trips to Queensland scheduled for the next 8 weeks, now all the events I was going to attend have been "re-scheduled" i.e. cancelled for now with no known new date.

I was really looking forward to the two drives in the new car; the other was going to be a quick flight up and back over a weekend.

My work has split my team into two groups, one continues to work in the office as usual, and the other works at a different location.  Each of these two teams is divided into two sub-groups: one to actually attend the venue and the other to work from home. Last week week was my "office" week and the upcoming week is my "work from home" week. I'm pretty sure there are enough work-related things I can do to fully occupy my days.  I just need the family to leave me alone long enough to do them.

goondiwindi jacaranda.jpg

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Hey a huge thankyou to Bernie in Yeppoon for sorting out the return of my kite gear. Cheers mate.

AUS $126.00 is the cheapest It's ever been to post one way so well done Bernie. Is it ok for you to hang onto the other parcel/bar till next Easter Bernie? If not please give me a yell.

I always post my box a month ahead to allow for any delays and it includes spares etc, ready for our annual months pilgrimage over Easter in Yeppoon.


Then the world turned to shit and the wheels fell off with Covid 19.


Boy have I missed catching up with everyone and the beaches. It's left a big hole in my yearly planning.:mad:

I unpacked it straight away (when my wife picked it up from the post office today) and have put everything safely away.

I try hard to keep the weight down to less than 20kgs.

Included was my 19m2 ELF, 15m2 and my 7m2  R1's, all my 666 armour, Shin pads, Helmet, gloves, 2 white sports pressure T-shirts, 2 bars, spare lines, 3 soft kite dry bags, Peter lynn buggy dry bag (that I bought home to repair last year) , my kite repair kit with sticky-back ripstop in 6 colours, spare bridles, fids needles and speed-systems etc, full set of wheel and steering head bearings, grease, pliers and 2 pairs of sunnies. All fits into this box. The box is behind the orange R1. I enclose the contents within a double black "wheely bin" liner to protect it against moisture.

This cardboard box has now been across Australia 16 times and there and back to New Zealand for the "Moose meet". I think most of the Christmas stamps have now fallen off the stickytape covering. The post office uses up all of the previous Chrissy stamps on my box to get rid of them. :) 


Anyway is was with a sad heart I put my gear back unused. But the positive thing is I'm in fantastic health.

Take care gang and keep safe.

Catch you next year. (Yes I've already booked the unit for a month.)




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