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Sandy Point buggy run 8th Oct. 2023


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All right buggy nuts.

The wind god's seem to be in line with the tide god's.

Sunday is looking like a cross  on-shore, very light in the morning, but a nice solid 10+ knots by 5pm.

Low tide is at 1pm.

I need a buggy, and I can take my 10 year old kite monster, AKA, Alex, with me.

He has a mountain board which he has never used with a kite before, and I am sure I could get him to fit my little PL buggy, for a first time solo run.

Anyone interested???? :popcorm2:

Blokarts welcome too.


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Current forecast puts the wind a bit lighter on Sunday.

Wind staying very light (sub 5 knots) over most of the state, but picks up a little during the afternoon.

So no usable wind till the afternoon at Sandy Point, and a 1pm low tide.

It doesn't work.

So sorry folks, I will not be going.


BUT, if you have Saturday free, the forecast is looking almost like the original Sunday forecast.

So, an almost perfect onshore at 5-10 knots for the day, and a noon (12.17pm) low tide.

Pity I have a family event to be at.

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