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King's Birthday long weekend buggy bash at Sandy Point, Vic, AU?

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Any interested takers? :popcorm1:

With the weather getting worse (Winter is coming), it means some nice South Westers, or Southerlies could be around.

So with that in mind, low tides at 10:11am (Sat), 11:02am (Sun), 11:55am (Mon), and three days off, anyone??

Got a Buggy here that had it's last run pre Covid, and a Dirtsurfer to try on the beach.

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Well :smiling-poop-emoji:

Make that a double :smiling-poop-emoji::smiling-poop-emoji:

The weather has not decided to play ball.

Big storms coming in from the North West, and the rain (good for the farmers), but no joy for us who wish to hit the beaches.

All winds for the next week are all North West!

So is this the new normal? Due to Global Warming?

Who knows?  But I do know that I am in need of a buggy.

I will be watching the tides and crossing my fingers that I may get out before the end of the year, so stay tuned fellow kiters.


PS. Good to hear from you Clive. :good:

Fingers crossed we can catch up on the beach in the near future?

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