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Flysurfer Boost 3 vs Naish Pivot


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experience with either / both of these kites. 

I’ve been flying FS foils for years now but this year decided to go back to the dark side as I want to work on boosting big. I posted on some of the FB groups to see if anyone had a Boost 3 and then a couple of weeks later I bought a pair (9m & 12m) of pivots. Then yesterday I was contacted by a seller in Sydney that wanted to get rid of their Boost 3 9m (inc bar and lines). 

So option 1 is to keep my pivots and sell my 12m Speed5 , option 2 is to sell the pivots and buy the 9m Boost3 (and keep the S5, as I probably wouldn’t get much for it anyway). 

Any advice, especially on the differences between the pivot and boost in the 9m would be very much appreciated, especially the quality of the boost as apparently there were some quality issues in the first generations. 


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