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    • By gum-nuts
      For Sale
      Peter Lynn Comp XR +, 
      With 140cm gigastrong axle, extended side rails and highway rated tyres, belly pan, backrest and Hotwire straps.
      In good condition, loads of tread on tyres, no rust, bearings could probably do with replacing in 6-12 months, some threads pulled in seat.
      Probably local collection only, but if you are really keen I could get a price for courier. 
      $400 Price drop to $350

    • By gum-nuts
      For those of you that may have missed some of the recent posts in this thread...

      It appears for the last 4 years I have been buggying backwards and once again (though I hate to admit it) @.Joel Is right. But it wasn't the foot-pegs on backwards but the front fork. I explained to my 15 year old daughter and her exact words were "your a noodle!"...

      and after-

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