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Flysurfer VMG 13^3 - Game changer!


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Ok, it gets said a lot, but this new kite may actually be the biggest game changer since depower race kites were introduced.

its the new Flysurfer VMG 13^3

13m2 surface area

13m wing span

13.0 aspect ratio :eek: :eek: :eek:

It has a claimed wind range of 4-40knots, so it would truely be a one kite quiver.

if it can actually be solo launched, flown and relaunched by the average user it will truely be a game changer. One ultimate kite.



Edit: Ok those sneaky Germans got me. April 1st ? ?

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2 hours ago, Kamikuza said:

Dunno, bloody good 'shops if it's not real. I know extreme high AR has been played with before eg. The Death Blade paraglider...

I just googled deathblade paraglider and watched the video below.

The jelly fishing of the wing at 30 seconds is incredible. I was just waiting for it to collapse :scare2:



UPDATE: there is a notice on the flysurfer Facebook page that it was an April fools joke (sort of)

the kite itself is real and flys at intended, but the “joke” is that it’s not for sale. It is simply and r&d project.

Sons of bitches. ?


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Wow! That makes a lot of sense now... I was a photo retoucher for a long time, and I could find no trace of editing on those photos yesterday. I seriously couldn't figure out how they did it other than it was real, and I didn't totally believe that - I mean, who would go to all that trouble? Their ad copy on the web page totally cracks me up... "scare the hell out of your competitors" ?

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We need an injection of tech into the kite world that takes a completely different direction. Most things seem to be graphics  changes with very little deviation from 5 or so year old designs. I think we stepped up into the depower race development and they have only been tweeking them since then. Not much has radically changed. 

Even agriculture is advancing faster that the kite development. 

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On 4/2/2019 at 7:46 PM, andy666 said:

The jelly fishing of the wing at 30 seconds is incredible. I was just waiting for it to collapse

I have to admit that I had a major pucker just sitting watching that. you would have to assume that he has a parachute strapped to his back also for when it DOES collapse ?

man, that was intense.

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