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Looking for a kiting mate in Canberra


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On 10/24/2022 at 8:40 AM, Eluder said:

Hey mate,

I am into kite buggying. What about yourself?

Yeah, buggying as well. Though, save one Flexifoil 4.9m Blade IV I haven't any gear at all here I'm afraid.

I had a reasonable amount of gear back in Adelaide but when I moved here a little over 4 years ago I just brought the single kite with me and expected to slowly rebuild my collection but I just haven't got back into the game again, mainly because I haven't found any good sites to fly and haven't had any buddies to explore with. Given how frequently I managed to bang myself up previously I thought it unwise to set off to a remote location on my own, so since moving here I've largely given the sport up completely.

It would be great to get back into things again though: 😀

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