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    • By .Joel
      Extreme Kites over the past month has had an enormous influx of content, the challenge now is to make that content discoverable through different parts of the website.  To meet that challenge I need help from a few people.
      The first step is to work through the 1600+ reviews that now exist on the website and apply the relevant tags and filters such as LEI/Foil/Arc, Manufacturer, Size to each review.  There’s no automation for this, it’s a manual process so a few extra hands would be great!
      The second step is going on a discovery mission and finding reviews in the Forum and moving them to the Reviews section. This is a little trickier but in the end will help centralise all reviews in one location.
      Beyond this areas like Links, Records etc all need some cleaning up and attention once we're through all the Reviews.
      This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. If you have some spare time and are able to help drop me a PM or reply here. 
      There’s no coding or anything like that, it's very similar to posting on the forum  
    • By .Joel
      Take the challenge, join the elite survivors....
      New competition, if you live to tell the story you get a fancy little badge under your name, a free XK Lanyard + XK Sticker  
      The game is simple, fly the Peter Lynn Waterfoil and if you survive you nominate the next person to fly the kite  

      A) Accept the challenge  
      Fly the kite, nominate the next person.
      B ) Refuse the challenge 
      You may choose your fate...
      1: Have your avatar changed for 30 days by the person who nominated you.
      2: Have your quip (words under your avatar) for 30 days changed by the person who nominated you.
      3: Lose 100 posts off your total.
      Small Print...
      The kite will be setup for handles, however a bar is also optional.  You can hand it to the person you nominate the next time you meet them, you can mail it to whomever you nominate if you choose.  
      Whom you nominate, how close or how far they are is completely up to you  

      Large Print...
      I nominate @igeighty 

      More Waterfoil photos by Adrian DeGroot
    • By .Joel
      Jump on and hit that "Going" button on the left and get your poker face on @ Kingston 2018 with Extreme Kites.
      Event Agenda
      Saturday 13th January: Arrival
      Sunday 28th January: Departure

      Event Discussion

      Bookings & Accommodation
      Camping on the Beach
      It's cheap, the mornings are amazing to wake up to, just check the tide levels.  Camping on Kingston Beach is amazing.
      Caravan Park
      If you're after somewhere out of the sand and weather, Kingston SE Caravan Park has options from cabins to camp sites.
      Insurance and Local Guidelines
      We advise all attendees to have registered 3rd party insurance when attending any meet. 
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