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Electric motor for Bigfoot Wheels on Kite Buggy


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Hey Pele.
Ive used a 10 inch hub motor in a buggy, it worked great but was pretty heavy.
Climbing sand dunes with a kite and full throttle front wheel spin is great.
It was a gearless motor, they have no freewheel so there's some extra friction at high speed.
I see there's 8in versions available now, haven't tried any.
Geared is lighter and no friction but i haven't seen them in 8 inch.
Could use a small geared 350w bike hub motor and replace the spokes with 3d printed wide 8in rim.
Hub motors all have plain steel axles so they dont love salt water.
I use a home made friction drive kit now, can keep it in a dry bag until its needed, and swap it between bike and buggy.

aa (7).jpg



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Thanks for your reply, havent seen it before... so how is the ride without kite, for windless days with only 350W I guess its slow and only on flat?

And how friction works? You made any video?

I have home spots not acceseble with car so i have to pull buggy long way to get to clearance and and back so wouldnt it be nice just to ride with buggy there...



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