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Kingston SE S.A. January 2023


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This is primarily a post to let a new buggier and his family know about the annual get together.

For me, the key date is Australia Day on the 26th of January, and I plan around that Date. In 2023 it falls on a Thursday.  The Adelaide Kite Flyers put on a fantastic display of large kites and it is always worth viewing.

There is a congregation of kiters, buggiers, blow-carters, kite-boarder, kite surfers and families at the Kingston Caravan Park in the days/weeks leading up to the 26th, and some stay on afterwards as well.

As a buggier, I look forward to getting out on the (hopefully) dry lake bed and letting rip on the flat surface. It all depends on the wind, the weather and the dryness of the surface.  If things aren't right, there is always the beach to use too.

What else is there to do (I know that HD1P has a 10/11 YO son and a 12/13 YO daughter to entertain)?

  • Tour the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse
  • Visit the local wineries
  • Swim in the ocean - there might even be dolphins
  • I like to roller skate on the footpaths along the foreshore (bring your outdoor wheels)
  • There is a skate park nearby (sign says no roller blades, but doesn't mention Quads)

Does anyone else have suggestions to keep the kids entertained?

See you all in January




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