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Couple of new builds 2018

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Just wanted to share. unlike my other builds these are not from kite tails.. The Orange and Blue one I call the Jester.. Ripstop Nylon P4x/P2x hybrid Frame.

The Dark Blue/Royal Blue is called Midnight Royal Taboo and is still in progress. Taboo because the darker blue is Poly , the lighter blue is Nylon.. Hope to finish it up this weekend.






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@Chook  Thank You for the kind words.

Disclaimer, this is my opinion. YMMV.   I think they compare very well.. I use the number after the "P" to correlate to wraps.  That may not be accurate but that's what I use in my head. They are a bit springier than Rev rod (Think more like the Green Race) but don't have as much rebound or stiffness.. They don't break as easily as the Green Trimmed Rev rods though by a long shot.. I've never broken a Skyshark Rod..

I think the Skyshark series frames are the most recommended frames for the Phoenix in the USA..

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22 hours ago, Chook said:

Thanks heaps for that. :good:

I'll have to check them out as I'm down to my last complete 2 wrap frame (thanks to getting my kite sleeve caught in the car door as the wind blew it shut.) Would be good to experiment with them.

Hey Chook, I've got them in stock if you're interested.

I currently use them on my quads; very happy with them.

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