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Just your average kite bugging video


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I had the opportunity to go out and fly the other day. Unfortunately the wind was extremely unstable but I did my best to make the most of it with such a little kite. I really need to start looking at bigger kites soon. Also would any one happen to have a high resolution of the Extreme kites logo? I would like to put the logo in my videos in the hopes that one day the videos may draw more people to kite bugging and to the forum. 



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Great to see someone new getting in to the sport. It really is a fantastic hobby, that I truely wish was more popular  

that video reminds me so much of when I started out kiting. Struggling with the gusty inland winds on the local sports fields and I think that is the same kite I started on too. Yellow HQ Beamer ❤️

@.Joel, do you a HD ek logo file that could be used in future videos?

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