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ISO Leading Link forks or someone who can build me some


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    • By RedSky
      Never has a video cost me so much in time and expense. I hope its not a total waste of yours.:)
    • By RaceKites
      First Impresions
      Well what can I say this buggy is a bit of a looker, its low, its wide and has a tasty black frame and purple seat.

      This buggy shouts quality, it has a steel powder coated frame, the welds are nice, the wheel bolts are butcher than Fatima Whitbread and the seat has loads of fasteners, a back support and comes complete with foam frame padding.

      The Ride
      First things first, the Libra has loads of down- tube length adjustment and as im a rather lanky 6ft4 the libra was recommended to me. This is heavy buggy with a wider axle than other entry level buggies, this means that allthough the Libra is useless for tricks you can hold loads more power and it feels much more stable at high speeds.

      That seat is comfy and after a few hours in the seat a visit to the chiropractor is not required.

      This buggy is great for beginers and intermediate buggiers who want speed and comfort rather than trick riding. Another factor is the ease in which it can be upgraded with Libra parts as your need for speed grows.
      By : Paul Reed
    • By Sparhawk1600949551
      I was asked to “have a go” in the WindDragon latest offering (believed to be called the Maxc?) to give an independent review. But having just taken delivery of my new Tornado, I was kind of reluctant to give up any time in my new buggy to ride anyone else’s. (We were only in France for two days and the wind had been cracking onshore both days) So it was with a heavy heart – I gave up my new steed to try this “little” buggy out.
      When I first clapped eyes on it – I assumed it was a Stainless VMAX for it is a very similar size. Some important differences set it apart. Use of 20MM Axle Bolts all round for one, adjustable footpegs for another.
      Slightly longer on the Siderails and an interesting was of mounting the rear Axle bolts into the rear axle giving a certain amount of “damping” ability.
      The Axle bolts mount into a poly eurethane bush, which is inserted into the axle. This is the same elastomer as used on Kitedeck’s products (a picture here would help a lot - its nowhere near as flaky as that sounds) Time will tell as to the longevity / practicality of this but as an engineer myself and Keith (Owner of Winddragon) an engineer of some many more years experience tells me he has it right.
      The Seat is well made / stitched from a similar material to the VMAX but with more waterproofing properties. Its well stitched with a hard board back (another plus) Panels are stitched in the seat area to prevent “rucking”
      Plenty of adjustment on the seat buckles allows the seat to be placed inn pretty much any position required. On the day of the test, the seat was set low to allow for my extended backside and over long legs.
      I couldn’t believe how comfortable the buggy was just to sit in. the rails came high enough over my hips to make me believe I wouldn’t tip it and the 1.4m Axle again gave me extra stability.. Coming straight from a full on race buggy into this wasn’t that much of a shock.
      Having been hideously overpowered on my 4.4 Vampir Race in the Race buggy – I wisely decided to change down to the 3m Vampir for riding the MAXC. The reduction in weight (About 25 kg) was telling me I would be accelerating fast.
      I was right. I launched the 3m and hooked in turned across the wind onto the hard sand bank. Looked down at the GPS and saw 30 mph. Pretty much instantly. I didn’t feel worried – I did nt feel as though the back end was about to twitch out on me. Steering was easy and smooth. The turning circle tight enough to try some powered up down turns without losing all speed through sliding out.
      After I had done a few runs (one to Belgium and back), The wind was turning a little more cross- onshore. So headed back upwind to camp. Upwind – the Buggy coped well. The position of the footpegs (low) meant that I didn’t lose all feeling in my right leg as I tried to hold a line.
      Back in front of the rest of the gang, I played around with a few power slides etc getting the feeling of where the balance point was. I am no freestyler (haven’t managed to get up on two wheels ever) But enjoyed playing around a few 360 spins and sliding to stop with a nice rooster tail in the sand.
      All in all a nice buggy. Libre finally have some real competition for the emerging racer / Freeriding cruiser market.
      Pics can be seen here www.winddragon.co.uk/greig
      Author : Sparhawk
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